Angry Birds Rio – All 15 Hidden Golden Pineapples + All 15 Hidden Golden Bananas

Level 1-2 Golden Pineapple: Behind the birds, zoom out and shoot backwards
Level 1-6 Golden Pineapple: In the big crate on the far right
Level 1-7 Golden Pineapple: In the crate on the bottom right
Level 1-8 Golden Pineapple: Zoom out to find the golden pineapple in the package on the right
Level 1-12 Golden Pineapple: With the other pineapples in the top right
Level 1-13 Golden Pineapple: In the crate on the bottom right
Level 2-1 Golden Pineapple: Shoot backwards into the lamp
Level 2-2 Golden Pineapple: Use the first few birds to clear out blocks, then shoot the last bird at a high angle to get it from above
Level 2-4 Golden Pineapple: Use one of the yellow birds and use it’s speed boost to get the crate
Level 2-6 Golden Pineapple: Shoot at the first hanging light and get it to swing back into the pineapple
Level 2-7 Golden Pineapple: Clear out as many blocks with the first two birds, then use the last bird to smash the crate
Level 2-8 Golden Pineapple: Clear a path, then smash the crate
Level 2-10 Golden Pineapple: Zoom out and use a yellow bird to hit it. You can shoot high and just hit the chains it’s hanging from
Level 2-12 Golden Pineapple: On the far right. Knock a triangular glass block over the edge to get it.
Level 2-15 Golden Pineapple: Behind the launch pad, launch yellow birds backwards and tap to get a small arc

Golden Banana 01 – Jungle Escape 3-2
Golden Banana 02 – Jungle Escape 3-3
Golden Banana 03 – Jungle Escape 3-7
Golden Banana 04 – Jungle Escape 3-9
Golden Banana 05 – Jungle Escape 3-12
Golden Banana 06 – Jungle Escape 3-13
Golden Banana 07 – Jungle Escape 3-14
Golden Banana 08 – Jungle Escape 3-15
Golden Banana 09 – Jungle Escape 4-2
Golden Banana 10 – Jungle Escape 4-4
Golden Banana 11 – Jungle Escape 4-5
Golden Banana 12 – Jungle Escape 4-8
Golden Banana 13 – Jungle Escape 4-11
Golden Banana 14 – Jungle Escape 4-14
Golden Banana 15 – Jungle Escape 4-15


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