Multisite 3.1.3 Upgrade Redirect Loop Network Admin & Plugins

I have WordPress MultiSite and was upgrading from 3.0.5 to 3.1.3. Both my Network Admin and my website displayed redirecting loop errors. The website was initally caused by the Plugins, so I disabled those and the redirect loop error was removed. However the Network Admin error remained. My server provider found code in the admin.php that was causing the issue:

We had modifed the following code from the file “admin.php” in the path “/wp-admin/network”.

=========== Previous Code

if ( ( $current_blog->domain != $current_site->domain ) || ( $current_blog->path != $current_site->path ) ) {
wp_redirect( network_admin_url() );

=========== Corrected Code

if ( ! is_main_site() ) {
wp_redirect( network_admin_url() );


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