Madonna 2012 New Album MDNA Album cover REVEALED heard that the cover shoot for Madonna’s new album is happening right now as we write at Highline Stages in New York. Madonna is stunning, she looks like a little girl! From what we have been told, Madonna is dressed very 80’s reminiscent. She is wearing neon colors and a cream blazer with shoulder pads. Black “pink” sweats. And surprise… with what is described as a “punk” haircut! Blond-honey hair, slicked back on sides and “poofed” up on top. It is sorta Mohawky with sides slicked back, apparently very Joan Collins. They also had a shoot with Madonna with a cigarette and she was getting annoyed by smoke. The shoot will go on till late night. has more details and some clarification now that the album shoot is done.

It was a long shoot and hundreds of photos were taken. They will narrow down in next few weeks. Most of the pics were close-ups / waist up with black background. It was a subdued set. The hardest thing to describe is her hair. Madonna’s hair pulled back in tight low ponytail. Her hair waved up on top to appear as though she has short hair. Someone could say almost True Blue updated with W.E. victory roll esque hair on top. So, victory rollish wave on top. Hair off face. Someone would say, Rihannaesque, but absolutely more mature and not color. Sorta Harper’s Bazaar cover esque on top but sides and back pulled tight back. Madonna was wearing a very structured jacket with shoulder pads, which is white and not cream to be exact. As we said, very 80’s look. Someway, this new album shoot is sorta similiar to the amazing POP magazine shoot with Madonna with suit jacket on. Also, Neoprene fabric swimwear has been called to set. Neoprime Bikini tops. Presumably to be used under jacket. But we have no more details on this.

CORRECTION: There were no neon colors. The sweats were not dark pink, but Pink was the brand. There was no color on set. Just a black background. So overall it will be classic black and white photos close-ups: white jack on a black background. But do not misunderstand: the shots have been taken in color, but at the end they could be edited/manipulated as black and white.


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