Paul van Dyk feat. Fieldwork – Everywhere + Lyrics

In the dull light of the 60 watt
I can barely read your note
With your tiny letters flung like chains
Across a paper moat
My little lungs are battling
And they clutch at every breath
For the last thing that you scribbled there
Is go and be yourself

The fingers made of hanger wire
All curled and tangled up
Trace circles made by coffee cups
Left on the table top
And your shoes are still parked at the door
And your hair still in the bath
The glasses in our cupboards purr
To the hum of distant cars

You are everywhere I look
You are everywhere
You are everywhere I look
You are everywhere

Evolution, Paul van Dyk’s sixth artist album, is to be released March 20, 2012. A document of where the acclaimed producer is with his own musical evolution after an impressive twenty year career, the record features numerous collaborations including vocalists like Plumb and Adam Young of Owl City and up-and-coming international DJs and producers like Arty and Giuseppe Ottaviani. The album will be released both as a digipak CD and in a rich 180 gram double LP version both of which feature sumptuous artwork that takes the evolution concept one step further focusing on a future Earth where nature and technology collide in unexpected ways.


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