Gabriel & Dresden vs Francis Prève – Servo vs Colossus

After a year of sold-out reunion shows criss-crossing the world from Hollywood to Mumbai, legendary EDM duo Gabriel & Dresden kick off 2012 with “Servo vs. Colossus” – a collaboration with synth guru, Francis Prève.

“Servo vs. Colossus” is a knockout tour-de-force that fuses electro with techno, crossing stylistic boundaries as only this trio can. Originating as a mashup of two of Prève’s original tracks, “Servo” and “Colossus”, Gabriel & Dresden have placed their unmistakable thumbprint on the finished product, resulting in a six-minute opus that has served as a centerpiece for G&Ds sets since the summer of ’11.

First appearing as an edited version on Gabriel & Dresden’s now classic 2011 mix CD, “Mixed For Feet Volume 1” (Armada), “Servo vs. Colossus” garnered instant acclaim from both G&D and Prève fans alike last fall. Considering the amount of buzz that surrounded the collaboration, the trio has opted to release the full length version of “Servo vs. Colossus” on Prève’s shiny new imprint, Academik, to launch the label’s 2012 release schedule with a bang.

Starting out hard with Gabriel & Dresden’s signature toms-plus-trance drum sound, “Servo vs. Colossus” grabs the floor and refuses to let go, even as Prève’s assault of analog hooks skyrocket the groove to dizzying heights. Then, after a few wholly unexpected twists and turns in the journey, G&D deliver not one, but two brilliant breakdowns keeping the energy at peak intensity throughout the trip.

Coming from a group of artists who have collectively made their mark in the club world, with Gabriel & Dresden’s decade-long string of hits like “As The Rush Comes” and “Tracking Treasure Down”, as well as Prève’s recent classics, “Yin” and “Yang” (with Wolfgang Gartner), “Servo vs. Colossus” is poised to pack floors from its January release on Beatport all the way through WMC and SXSW.


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