6 New Yelp Badges: Barfly, Carrot Top, Footloose, Meathead, Unleashed and Happy Hour Power

* BARFLY – easiest of the new ones to obtain: need 4 check-in at bars, lounges and/or pubs over two separate days – anytime of the day. Not quite sure how this differs from SOUSED (unless it’s because it requires more than just one day since SOUSED in more of a pub-crawl on one night). (2672 yelpers “unlocked” and counting)

* CARROT TOP – 3 separate check-ins at 3 separate vegetarian establishments on 3 separate days. (106 yelpers “unlocked” and counting)

* FOOTLOOSE – 3 separate check-ins at 3 separate Dance Clubs over at least 2 days. It has to be a Dance Club too. I have a check-in at the Ballroom Dance Studio where I do some dance lessons and that check-in was in between the Dance Club check-ins, but it did not count towards this badge (85 yelpers “unlocked” and counting)

* MEATHEAD – 3 separate check-ins at 3 separate Steak Houses over 3 days. However, hamburger places (ie. fast food), burger shacks, mini-burger trucks, even gourmet burger establishmentsetc. etc., do NOT apply. (179 yelpers and counting)

* UNLEASED – 3 separate check-ins on 3 separate days/nights at a Dog Park. It can be the SAME dog park all 3 nights too. I walk my two-pocket panthers after midnight (since there are usually no dogs around then) through the Glenbrook Dog Park. near my home. It has to be a Dog Park also. Not a regular park. Not a Dog Sitter or Dog-Walking service either. (63 yelpers “unlocked” and counting)

* HAPPY HOUR POWER – I was praying this had nothing to do with church meetings, and luckily I was right. It took 5 check-ins and 5 different establishments, over 4 separate days, between the hours of 5-7pm. [Maybe 8pm. And maybe if you push it, you can get it in 2 or 3 days. I don’t know.] (75 yelpers “unlocked” and counting).


Sometimes you get a TWO-fer. My check-in at “Badlands” (Sacramento) counted towards BOTH “Barfly” and “Footloose”. But not towards “Happy Hour Power” since my check in at Badlands was late at night. IF, however, my check had been before 7pm, I can’t help but wonder if I would have gotten a THREE-fer with the “Badlands” check-in.


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