Madonna’s Joan of Arc Lyrics

Each time they take the photograph
I lose a part I can’t get back
I wanna hide
This is the part where I detach

Each time they write a hateful word
Dragging my soul into the dirt
I wanna die
Never admit it but it hurts

I don’t wanna talk about it right now
Just hold me while I cry my eyes out
I’m not Joan of Arc, not yet
But I’m in the dark, yeah
I can’t be a superhero right now
Even hearts made out of steel can break down
You’ll always be my soldier I can depend on

Anything they did to me, said to me
Doesn’t mean a thing cause you’re here with me now
Even when the world turns its back on me
There could be a war but I’m not going down


One little lie can ruin my day
Words are like weapons, they betray
When I am afraid
One word of kindness, it can save me

Being destructive is
They couldn’t say it to my face
ONe day I won’t care
But for the moment I’m not there
I’ll just close my eyes and let you catch me now


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