Madonna’s Veni Vidi Vici Lyrics

Seemed like yesterday, I was a baby on the street
I took a holiday, I was steppin to the beat
I had to pay my rent, on the lower east side
I threw my tag around, let B-boys take me for a ride
I started writing songs, I kinda got into the groove
They tried to criticize, my every single move
But then I realized, I had nothing left to lose
It took me by surprise, when I became the news
I was fearless, like a renegade
I had a feeling, that i can’t explain
I didn’t listen, to what people said
I came I saw I conquered

I was constant, as a northern star
I had a fire, burning in my heart
I never gave up, fighting in the dark
I came I saw I conquered

I came I saw I conquered
I came I saw I conquered


I expressed myself
came like a virgin down the aisle
exposed my naked ass
and I did it with a smile
and when it came to sex
I knew I walked the borderline
and when I struck a pose
all the gay boys lost their mind
I justified my love
I made you say a little prayer
they had me crucified
you know I had to take it down
I opened up my heart
I learned the power of good-bye
I saw a ray of light (quicker than a ray of light)
music saved my life

I conquered
I conquered
I conquered


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