Madonna’s Two Steps Behind Me Lyrics

You’re a copycat, get back
I’m always on your mind
Take a photograph like that
Always ahead of my time

I’ll give you a heart attack, bumbaclot
Where is my royalty?
You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that
Stealing my recipe

Here we go again
In your fantasy
You can try it all
but you can’t beat me

You can walk the walk
Even talk the talk
But you’ll always be
Two steps behind me


In my shadow
Two steps behind me
Out of ammo
You’re never gonna be

On my level
Two steps behind me
In my shadow
You’re just a wannabe me

Like a sister all messed up
Who’s gonna help you out?
It’s an ugly look princess
What are you all about?

Did you study way hard enough
Trying to be a boss
Yeah that’s cool and now get in line
Tickets are gonna cost


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