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Listen to Junkie XL’s 2 Remixes Preview of 4 Minutes

Junkie XL has just put the preview of 2 remixes of Madonna’s latest single “4 Minutes” on his MySpace page. 2 of those remixes are

1. 4 Minutes Junkie XL Remix

2. 4 Minutes Junkie XL DirtyDub

Here’s the link below. Check it out!


Junkie XL talked about his 4M remix on Dutch TV

Junkie XL remixes Madonna single

Friday 21 March 2008

Dutch DJ and composer Tom Holkenborg, better known as Junkie XL, has produced a remix of Madonna’s new single 4 Minutes to Save the World.

‘She is a pop artist with a really cool edge,’ Holkenborg said on a tv chat show on Thursday night.

Junkie XL, who has remixed for Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Coldplay, hit the charts in 2002 with his remix of Elvis Presley’s A Little Less Conversation.

Junkie XL – Mushroom

Full Video of Mushroom (Today Album)

Buy Junkie XL’s Booming Back at You [EXPLICIT LYRICS] from today!

Junkie XL – Mushroom Album Version

Buy Junkie XL’s Booming Back at You [EXPLICIT LYRICS] from today!

Junkie XL – Booming Back at You [EXPLICIT LYRICS]

Track Listings
1. Booming Right at You – Junkie XL
2. Cities in Dust – Junkie XL, Lauren Rocket
3. You Make Me Feel So Good – Junkie XL
4. Stratosphere – Junkie XL
5. Mad Pursuit – Electrocute, Junkie XL
6. More – Junkie XL, Lauren Rocket
7. 1967 Poem – Steve Aoki, Junkie XL
8. Zage – Junkie XL
9. Clash – Junkie XL
10. New Toy – Bram Inscore, Junkie XL, Nicole Morier
11. No Way – Junkie XL, Lauren Rocket
12. Not Enough – Junkie XL, Nicole Morier, Willoughby

I have followed Junkie XL for some time now. I love his style; he’s evrything that other dance artists are trying to be. I’m not saying that they are better or worse, just different. I appreciate artists like JXL in their endeavors of trying new things while maintaining what’s familiar to their signature style. At the same time, like most artists, they must mature and grow in their ways and it shows through their music. Some people stick to that one album of any artist like a security blanket. Instead, they should take in something different from what’s given to them. The music industry has a lot to do with marketing one’s record to the company’s specs. But the artist’s creativity is untainted. JXL’s ability to put out great music is the one thing the record companies have little to do with… it’s all him. I love all the greats in dance and electronica. I think Junkie XL has always pushed the envelope. In this case, he has done very well. In ceating new music and trying new things, he has figured out how to make it pallatable to the other crowd of a different style. I’m not so big on profanity in songs, but this adds an edge to his talents as an artist. This album is chock full of club music. The likes of which would set the mood for those all-nighters out there. Thankfully, it has sultry and soul, with no achey or corny themes. It’s new age electro rock with Orbital and (Sasha)esque qualities. The single “More” has that element of late night clubbing in Miami feel to it. I find it to be more of a stepping stone for something bigger. But a step with his best foot forward into the right direction.

Buy Junkie XL’s Booming Back at You [EXPLICIT LYRICS] from today!