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Moby – Destroyed Album

Moby – Destroyed Album

Destroyed is the tenth studio album by the musician Moby, release date of May 16, 2011. A photography book of the same name will be released in conjunction with the album.
Moby’s latest sonic endeavour leans in a few directions — classic Moby on one hand, that introverted, radio-friendly electronica we all know and (should) dislike. Poke around in the behind the faux-90’s vocal sampling and there’s some really spirited ambient-pop music nestled in these electronic tales of airport lounges and sleepless hotel nights.
Like no artist ever writes about those themes ay.

Destroyed New Album 2011

01. The Broken Places 04:10
02. Be The One 03:29
03. Sevastopol 04:21
04. The Low Hum 04:13
05. Rockets 04:47
06. The Day 04:32
07. The Right Thing 15 When You Are Old 04:26
08. After 05:55
09. Victoria Lucas 05:30
10. Blue Moon 03:31
11. Lie Down In Darkness 04:26
12. Stella Maris 05:14
13. The Violent Bear It Away 06:51
14. Lacrimae 08:05
15. When You Are Old 02:19

Moby’s New Album, “Wait for Me”

While listening to filmmaker David Lynch speak at the BAFTA Awards in February 2008, Moby had an epiphany. Lynch’s message- creativity for its own sake is a beautiful, wonderful thing- was a simple one, but it hit Moby with the force of the Zen master’s cane. “At that moment, I decided to just make records that were more personal,” says Moby, “maybe more experimental, and a little more challenging, maybe not as easy to like, but things that I found to be artistically and creatively more satifying. That was the idea behind making the new album.”
The album resulting from this epiphany, Wait For Me, is a radical departure from Moby’s recent albums- last year’s paean to the dance floor, Last Night, 2008’s flirtation with modern rock, Hotel, the shimmering ambience of 2002’s 18, and the zeitgeist-defining melancholy electronica of 1999’s Play. Liberated from the pressures of trying to please himself at the same time as the industry, in making Wait For Me Moby decided to forego the expensive studios, state-of-the-art equipment, big name guest artists, and phalanxes of graphic designers and image consultants that have characterized some of his previous albums. “There’s something so relaxing about doing everything yourself, and not trying to second-guess the market,” Moby says. “It’s nice to try to do things for the right reasons- just make a record because you want to make a record.”

Wait For Me
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1. Division 1:56
2. Pale Horses 3:37
3. Shot In The Back Of The Head 3:15
4. Study War 4:18
5. Walk With Me 4:01
6. Stock Radio 0:55
7. Mistake 3:47
8. Scream Pilots 2:48
9. Jltf 1 1:27
10. Jltf 4:40
11. A Seated Night 3:23
12. Wait For Me 4:13
13. Hope Is Gone 3:30
14. Ghost Return 2:38
15. Slow Light 4:00
16. Isolate 3:28

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Price: $9.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
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