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Sarah Jessica Parker on Madonna

Sarah Jessica Parker on Madonna

Interviewer: Is there anybody you admire?
SJP: Mmmm…Madonna, she is a strong woman, I met her before her show in New York in 2004, she was amazing, very friendly and super cool, that show was awesome, she is a true icon, had to hold myself back from really stalking her (laughs).

Interviewer: She isn’t known for her amazing acting, do you think you could have ever cast her in Sex and The City?
SJP: (laughs) …oh man, I so wish we could have got her on the show, she would have been amazing, as for her acting ability, her presence on screen is just mesmerizing, check out her Vogue, Rain and Bad Girl video’s, these are some of my favourite M songs and the videos are amazing and she’s acting in those so I don’t think its fair to slate her as an actress and certainly not my place either after all I have myself made some bad movies!!

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