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The Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night (2007) – $12.99

One can never accuse the Chemical Brothers of consistency. We Are the Night continues their eclectic electronica approach even though the big-beat groove of the title track remains their digital calling card. Spotted with a minimalist keyboard pattern, vocal non sequiturs, and sampled sound effects, the infectious groove of “We Are the Night” eventually evolves into the monotone-chanted dance chorus of “We are the night skies/We are the bright lies,” recalling Brian Eno circa Here Come the Warm Jets. However, for every catchy electro-dance, there’s a tune that leaves you scratching your head. What to make of the novelty song “The Salmon Dance” is anybody’s guess, though you might find some illumination in a salmon recipe on their Web site. With fractured nursery-rhyme lyrics that are sung like an off-color Sesame Street rap, it will drive you up the wall–or at least toward the skip button. Then there’s Midlake singing the trancey ballad “The Pills Won’t Help You Now,” making the Chemical Brothers sound like a sci-fi version of Coldplay. Retro-analog synthesizers dominate, with the electro-grooves of “Das Spiegel,” “Burst Generator,” and “Saturate,” which builds on a Kraftwerk-forged metal framework coupled with storming sampled drums. The circuits of ’70s techno-pop artist the Normal are re-soldered on “Do It Again.” With Ali Love singing the title-track chorus, it’s built to be a summertime anthem akin to Tag Team’s “Whoomp! (There It Is),” albeit robotically chilled. –John Diliberto
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01 – No Path To Follow (1:04)
02 – We Are The Night (6:33)
03 – All Rights Reversed (Feat. The Klaxons) (4:42)
04 – Saturate (4:49)
05 – Do It Again (Feat. Ali Love) (5:33)
06 – Das Spiegel (5:51)
07 – The Salmon Dance (Feat. Fatlip) (3:40)
08 – Burst Generator (6:52)
09 – A Мodern Midnight Conversation (5:56)
10 – Battle Scars (Feat. Willy Mason) (5:50)
11 – Harpoons (2:25)
12 – The Pills Won’t Help You Now (Feat. Midlake) (6:35)

You need to listen to “The pills won’t help you now.” Pronto. It’s probably the best thing they’ve done.

Pre-Order The Chemical Brother’s We Are the Night from for $12.99 today!