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Embarrassing Illnesses – Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer’s the most prevalent cancer among men between 14-40 years old. One’s chance of getting the ball busting disease are about 1 in 250. Yet, most men still don’t talk about testicular cancer, let alone take the proper precautions to prevent it.

That’s why Britain’s Embarrassing Illnesses invited the Moseley Rugby team on to do a little how-to how-do-you do. Rest assured the cameras get up in there to cut through any cockamamie confusion.

Dieux Du Stade: Making of-Calendrier 2008

Dieux du Stade: Yes, the Gods of the Stadium are as handsome, and well-groomed as Pagan Gods. Where would Pagan Gods fit best? This time the production chose a neoclassic villa, with a beautiful garden decorated with marble statues among others. 

About the video: This time it was shot in colors. The producers and the troupe have increased considerably in number. The quality of the video is above average. The athletes and their bodies are extremely beautiful, and well-shaped/toned. Unfortunately, the make-up/maquillage procedures are too long, too elaborate, and somehow ridiculous. But all in all, the athletes have gorgeous body, and often also very handsome faces. 

I must admit that one’s own expectations before watching the video shape also the personal perceptions about its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the overall quality of this 2008 edition. You will see lots of beautiful things, but do not expect heavy loads of full frontal nudity. I simply haven’t seen it, and I bet you won’t either! 

Post Scriptum: 

I have received the DVD as a present for my birthday at the end of October 2007. Since I had received it from France (the first copy), it still was in a Pal color version. I have had not had problems watching it. 

I believe that the distribution’s delays in the NTSC version are mainly due to post-production and (maybe) marketing issues. Among the many “Making of….” – this is probably the least fortunate edition. On one hand it might be because the producers seem to be running out of ideas on how to find and then create (an) appropriate setting(s). On the other hand, it may also be due to long waits, and some scenes that are slow and boring. Since this edition has lost quite of its peculiar “flair” and thrill — it is conceivable that the producers did chose not to invest additional money on a product that hasn’t been that successful so far. The 2007’s edition has reached its peak, and in my opinion it has been the best so far. It will be difficult to create a better one, unless in the next edition we will be blessed by watching also the new entries players (younger, more fresh, and extremely sexy). 

By any means, some of the other videos (with similar topics) on the market are still inferior to this 2008 Dieux du Stade edition. The greatest flaw of this 2008’s video is its slight artificial atmosphere, and a lack of veracity. There are too many useless people around the sets: More like friends of the troupe or visitors. Plus, since most of the shooting takes place in the garden, some of the rugby-players look annoyed by the long waits, and the wind chills. However, even if sometimes it is artificial and slow, the show is still decent and viewable. Buy it only if you have technology that allows you to watch also PAL system colors. Otherwise, use the media center on your computer.

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Dieux du Stade – Julian Hans 2007

Dieux du Stade – David, Marc, Mirco & Benjamin 2007

The name of the song is: Love At First Sight (Scumfrog Mix) – Kylie Minogue

Dieux du Stade – Arthur, Thomas & Alexandre

Dieux du Stade – Will Matthews 2006

Dieux du Stade – Julian, Clément & Raphael 2005