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“Not Over” (feat. Ryan Tedder) – Oakenfold


Madonna Puts Together Workout Compilation for Equinox

Madonna Puts Together Workout Compilation for Equinox – Get the Playlist

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What does Madonna work out to? Kaballah disco? Threadmill groove? Yoga boogie? Surprise. It’s none of the above. Madonna likes to work out to the tunes of Tiesto, Daft Punk and Miles Dyson according to an exclusive remix compilation the Queen of Pop put together for New York City gym chain Equinox. Download it at iTunes.

The compilation is the first in a series of Equinox’s so-called Celebrity Sets that gym lovers and workout buffs can download on iTunes. “More than a dozen star-studded mixes are already in play for the fall debut—including Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Michael Buble,” reveals, creative director Bianca Kosoy.

She stays mum about the arrangements the company has with participating artists. “None of them are under any contractual obligation or financial arrangement with Equinox. We want the guest DJs to be true to themselves and we will work with them to edit the list through the Equinox lens.”

Perhaps they gave Madonna’s a few lifetime guest passes for that fancy new Equinox in Chelsea. In any event, Madge put together a slamming remix compilation that surely will get you to crunch a little harder and pump up your heartbeat a bit faster.

Madonna’s full Equinox playlist:

“Watch the Sunrise” (Extended Vocal) – Axwell
“Dance 4 Life” (12″ Mix) – Tiësto & Maxi Jazz
“Delirious” David Guetta
“Do You Feel Me” (feat. Julie Thompson) – Tiësto
“Stardust” (Felguk Remix) – Perfect Stranger
“Fly Away” (Gee & Lighter Remix) – Jean Claude Ades
“Television Rules the Nation / Crescendolls” – Daft Punk
“Massenbewegungsmittel” – Miles Dyson
“Superfine” – Hong Kong Blondes
“Not Over” (feat. Ryan Tedder) – Oakenfold

Madonna – Celebration (Paul Oakenfold Teaser)

World Debut – ‘Madonna – Celebration’

One word – ANTHEM!

Oakenfold – Pacha 24th July 2009

Celebration, the album, will be released on CD but also as a 2-CD set, both of them being available for pre-order from

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Pre-order the 2-CD set »

Madonna: Celebration – Partial Benny Benassi remix VERSION played by Oakenfold

Partial Benny Benassi remix VERSION of the song in Zaragoza, played by Oakenfold during the pre-show.

Celebration, the album, will be released on CD but also as a 2-CD set, both of them being available for pre-order from

Pre-order the CD »

Pre-order the 2-CD set »

Madonna: Celebrate (Oakenfold 12″ Dub)


Nobody else knows about this (well aside from Paul Oakenfold, Madonna, some studio people, her manager, friends, Lourdes, Rocco, David and several hundread nannies) but we can exclusively reveal the name of the new songs that Paul Oakenfold has recorded with her royal highness, all time queen of the pop fiefdom and snout rubberer of the puffed up and self righteous in the poop (ie Madonna).

We just got off the blower with legendary superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold for a little interview we will be running in our July issue out at the end of June in our nightlife section. Paul is doing his amazing thing all over the world and has been Djing for the Madonna tour of last year which returns to London on Pride day July 4th before going to Manchester and then heading out into the wider world. So taken with the Oakenfold was she that she invited him into the studio to work on some new tracks for possible inclusion on Madonna’s highly anticipated new Greatest Hits album due for release sometime this year.

Paul said Madonna was highly professional, he learned a lot and that the new tracks are ‘lyrically classic Madonna with an edgy modern sound’.

‘Oooh’ we gasped, as we help the phone on a cord under our chin, and whipped up an omelette with the other hand, in a Thelma and Louise serving omelettes in a Texas Diner kind of way.

He told us the tracks were sitting right there next to him and he told us what they are called. He didn’t know which ones would be the Greatest Hits CD and didn’t know when it would be out, though he imagined the run up to Christmas ‘when most greatest hits come out’. Our other pixie sources have told us that it may well be before that (ie Madonna wrote in a fan newsletter that it would be spring).

So, the song titles are… (in no order)


‘I’m sorry’


‘Celebrate’ .

So there we are. We don’t know what this says about our glorious leader’s emotional state – the first two we decided were about her sadness at splitting from Guy but then we thought maybe she is saying ‘celebrate my freedom, I’m sorry I waited so long and I’ve broken the bed with Jesus’.

But who knows.

We are hovering our hands over our crystal balls in a mystical manner and predict that the album may well just be called
MADONNA CELEBRATE. But that is just a guess, because we’re slightly OCD.

Paul Oakenfold supports Madonna at the O2 in London and in Manchester in early July. He also headlines at Wireless in Hyde Park, London.

NEW Madonna’s letter for ICON, upcoming projects+interview with M by Liz and pix!

Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Oakey’s 2008 Remix)

Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix Edit)

Hard Candy Special Edition [Candy Box] [EXTRA TRACKS] [SPECIAL EDITION]

It is a DVD-sized hinged box containing the CD (with 2 extra remix tracks), a 16-page full-color booklet, and a package of Starlite Mint candies.
The package is jewel case width, 8 inches tall, and 1 1/2 inch deep….has hard candy in the package.