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The Listener: NBC Pulls Craig Olejnik Series from Schedule

IMAGEAfter low ratings, the peacock network has pulled the plug on the series about a telepathic paramedic.

The Listener debuted on June 4th on NBC. Initially produced for Canadian networks, the drama revolves around a young paramedic (Craig Olejnik) who has the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. Through his job and abilities, he seeks to help those in need in any way he can.

Others in the cast include Lisa Marcos, Ennis Esmer, Mylene Robic, Arnold Pinnock, Anthony Lemke, Lara Jean Chorostecki, John Fleming, and Colm Feore.

On NBC, the show got off to a rocky start in the ratings. The two-hour premiere brought in 5.32 million viewers and just a 1.4/4 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. Summer viewing expectations aren’t very high but it didn’t bode well that the program landed in third place in total viewers and the demo.

Things didn’t get any better for the later episodes. Last week, Listener’s numbers hit a series low with 3.3 million viewers and a tiny 0.7/2 rating in the demo. Even for Summer viewership, those numbers are quite poor for a major network.

As a result, NBC has decided to end The Listener’s run prematurely. Next week’s episode will be the last to air on the peacock network and repeats of Law & Order will fill the timeslot after that.

The remaining five episodes of Listener are expected to be streamed online in August. The 13 episodes have already aired in many countries across the world and will continue to run in Canada.

Word is that the first season ends with plenty of unresolved mysteries. There’s been no news about the possibility of a second season for The Listener as yet but, if there is, you certainly won’t be seeing it on NBC.

What do you think? A good call by NBC or were you looking forward to seeing more?

Craig Olejnik – THE LISTENER

The Listener Set Visit

It’s every man’s dream to be able to read minds (and we all know why for obvious reasons) but here at andPOP we haven’t developed that talent. However CTV/NBC have developed a show following paramedic Toby Logan who has this special skill. andPOP dropped by the set of The Listener for a behind the scene look at the show

The Listener – Interview Festival TV Monte Carlo 2009 – Partie 1

Interview The Listener de Craig Olejnik

Craig Olejnik and Lisa Marcos stop by CTV Canada AM to talk about their new show, The Listener on June 4

Craig Olejnik and Lisa Marcos stop by CTV Canada AM to talk about their new show, The Listener on June 4

Craig Olejnik says he’s a good ‘Listener’

Craig Olejnik stars in The Listener as Toby Logan, a paramedic who can hear people’s minds.

LOS ANGELES — Ask anyone who knows Craig Olejnik — except for any ex-girlfriends, he jokes — and they’ll tell you that he is a pretty good listener.

He is not much of a talker, he offers, and instead is the kind of guy who lets his silence speaks volumes, drawing you in with his quiet mystique.

That is fitting, considering he is starring in NBC’s summer series The Listener (Thursdays 10 p.m. ET/PT), a show about a paramedic with a telepathic ability. The supernatural drama follows Toby Logan (Olejnik), who can hear people’s most intimate thoughts.

The procedural show, which premiered last week (5.3 million viewers) with two back-to-back episodes, contrasts his life as a do-gooder with that of the daily struggles of a twentysomething who’s looking to find himself.

“My mother taught me at a young age that if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. And,” says the single 30-year-old in a phone interview, pausing for dramatic effect, “I usually don’t have much good to say! So I just listen. You don’t have to say much.”

Olejnik, who’s from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has appeared in the film Thir13en Ghosts with Tony Shalhoub and more recently in the CW television series Runaway.

Olejnik most related to his character’s search to figure himself out.

“In my mid 20s, I was certainly at that point. I was like, ‘Oh, my God! What have I amounted to?’ So you begin to read the books. And watch Oprah. And then finally accept who you are,” he says.

It was that average, good-guy aspect that attracted him to the Listener role.

“He doesn’t run any quicker, he isn’t any stronger than anyone else. He can’t go to bed without these images in his head. And he’s driven to act upon them morally, ethically, and he wants to help these people out of these situations,” he says.

Still, Olejnik would never want to have that type of supernatural power himself.

“I’d rather fly. I would like to fly from 1 mph to light speed at will. I’ve always had dreams of flying. The sensation is incredible.”

Craig Olejnik: Toby (William) Logan from The Listener

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Toby Logan is a 24-year-old paramedic who can read people’s thoughts. Toby did not manage to know his parents and grew in foster homes. Until now Toby has kept his ability secret and the only one he has shared it with is his old counselor and confidant, Dr. Ray. While he crosses the city of Toronto in his ambulance with his partner Oz, an auxiliary doctor full of vitality, Toby tries to help persons in crisis and on the way treat his own wounds. With the help of Detective Marks and his ex-girlfriend Olivia, an E.R doctor, Toby realizes that his gift can serve to help other people.

The show, which contains humorous and tragic elements, follows Toby as he uses his power to solve crimes.

The Listener is Produced by Shaftesbury Films, in association with CTV, FIC and NBC. Worldwide wide sales are handled by ShineReveille.

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The series has been given a 13 episode initial order by NBC.

This series has also been picked up by the FX channel. FX has contributed for the production of the new show so that it can be aired by them.

This show first aired in the UK on Sunday 8th March on FX at 9pm (GMT).
The Listener will premiere on NBC for the U.S on Thursday, June 4th at 10/9c.

Filmed on location in Toronto, Canada.